Erin Andrews Opens Up About New 'dream Job' - Abc News

September 19, 2014

"I know I have huge, huge shoes to fill," she added. "There's nobody I've watched more over these past 15, 20 years than Pam Oliver and what she did and the precedent she set. How she worked tirelessly day in and day out and really set the standard for women and sideline reporters and so much more than that. I can't thank her enough for being a wonderful role model. This blog url is not going to be easy for me." She added, "What I set out on day 1 was to be someone like Pam, I hope I can just hold workout up that end of the bargain." Andrews, 36, spoke to ABC while in Minneapolis for the MLB All-Star Game and as part of the Yoplait Greek challenge. For someone as busy as Andrews, she said getting the right foods in her body is important at all time. "It's the easiest for me on the go, when I'm running to workout or running to a 'DWTS' rehearsals, I usually grab a plastic spoon and my yogurt," she said of Yoplait. "It's very good and very good for you ..
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