Good Speed But Mixed Results For Olsbergs Mse Ford In World Rx Of Germany | News |

September 23, 2014

Bakkerud opened the weekend with a heart-stopping on-track incident when a rear suspension failure at 150 kilometers per hour saw him cut a high-speed figure eight through rallycross traffic. "The car started dancing everywhere and I didn't have any control," said Bakkerud. "It was fine as long as I kept the throttle in but when I had to brake for the hairpin it was click here a big problem: I saw the fence, I saw the wall, and then I saw every car in the race coming straight for me." Remarkably, the Norwegian slipped through the field without making contact and was able to restart the car and soldier on to the finish in an effort to maximize his points. It was a popular move among the estimated 10,000 spectators who packed into the track for two days of racing this weekend. We set some great times and I'm happy with how everything works with the car and the team. I can't wait to get to Italy and be on the podium. Andreas Bakkerud "I didn't hit the fence, I didn't hit the wall, and nobody hit me.

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